Friday, December 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I had a few friends email asking how we found out, if we were trying, if I knew, and a tons of other questions so I decided to Update you all a little bit.

First, I just want everyone to know we weren't actively trying but we weren't actually preventing it either. I also had no idea that I was pregnant besides a few little maybes of the normal symptoms.
The day I found out:
I had the day off, so I was just lounging out on the sofa, watching The Doctors and they were ironically talking about pregnancy and babies. I was talking to my friend, who just had a baby in September and I realized that I had to pee again, for the third time that morning (Which by the way is so not like me, I can usually pee in the morning then not again till the afternoon) so, I decided to take the test when I went to the bathroom. Well, I pee'd on the stick and then stuck the test back in the wrapper and stuck it in the garbage, I just knew it would say negative after all the other times we "thought" I was but I wasn't, so I just knew this time would be the same, after all, we weren't trying so after I was done, I came back to finish watching the doctors and talking to my friend. Then, I had a huge feeling that I needed to go check it just to make sure it said negative. Well, I walk in the bathroom and my phone started ringing, so I go back to the living room to answer my phone, I talked for probably 10 minutes and forgot what I was going do. So, I sat down and finished talking to my friend. Then, I remember, I went in the bathroom, picked up the test and remember saying,
God, if it says Negative that is fine, but if this test is Positive, Thank you, Thank you for the greatest gift ever!
So, I slowly pull the test out of the wrapper and see,
a small space then..
T then the N then the A then the N then I couldn't take it anymore,
I quickly took the rest out and saw ..
I sat down on the side of the tub and thought to myself,
OMG, I am finally getting the one thing I have always wanted!
Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God!
I just couldn't stop smiling and I just couldn't stop rubbing my belly (knowing that the baby was as big as a .) So, I quickly run to the computer to look up cute ways to tell your husband.
I found a way, got dressed, went to the store and got a card and bag, came home and wrapped the stuff, then put the bag on the bed room dresser because when he gets home he ALWAYS goes put his stuff on it. Well, that day he decided to put his stuff on the coffee table. So, fast forward to 7:30, I was pooped, so I went lay in bed! (Thankfully, it was dark!) Well, he comes in and sees the bag and says whats this? I said, I don't know a just because gift. So, he takes it and goes in the kitchen to open it. He comes back to the bedroom with a BIG smile on his face and says, "Why didn't you call me to tell me!?" I just laughed and told him because I wanted to make it special! 

We are beyond excited!
My first doctors appointment was on Dec 6 and he said everything looked PERFECT! (:
We made and appointment for the 20th for Our first Ultrasound and we also sent out our Christmas cards on the 19th. Well, as I am sitting down in the chair to have the ultrasound I get a text message from my friend, she got the card (ALREADY!!) So, it was GREAT that we got to see our baby for the first time and everyone found out about it the same day! Let me just tell you, the first ultrasound makes everything so real! I cried tears of joy! Seeing the baby growing inside of me and knowing that WE made this is so sweet! Not to mention the FIRST thing we see is the baby sucking it's thumb, HOW ADORABLE!!? Then we heard the heartbeat (cue in the tears!) let's just say it is MUSIC to my ears! I wish I could see and hear my baby at EVERY visit! 

We go back again on Jan 17 at 2:10 just for a follow up appointment, then hopefully, my next visit we can find out what we are having!! (:

Right now, the baby is the size of a plum!
And is 3 inches long! (:


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