Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kase's Birth Story

On Sunday morning at about 1:00, I woke up with some serious contractions. I decided to time them and they were steadily 3 to 5 minutes apart for an hour so around 2:00, we decided to call my mom and that it was time to head to the hospital to see what the deal was. At about 2:30am Joey, my mom, my step-dad, my granny and myself headed to the hospital with much excitement for the arrival of Kase Andrew! When I was finally in my room, set up to monitors and IV's we were ready to see my progress...... My Nurse came in to check and I was one dilated.. oh well this is a start!!! :)))

Dr. Milek arrived some time later... checked me and yes he confirmed the dilation and said we were NOT going home.. we were staying put till we had our baby!!! Music to our ears! BUT... it would be a LONG day... the day went into night and at 11:30 my wonderful nurse came in to check me... I was in so much pain and having a hard time focusing! After checking, she said I was 3 dilated and could get epidural.. I think between Joey, Mom and Granny, they almost screamed with excitement! Dr. Bravo did his thing... and I was finally able to rest! (I was in so much pain, not being able to focus, not resting they knew I would never be able to push when needed... I would tired out!) SO... needless to say, we all went to sleep! Nurses coming in felt like every 5 minutes to turn me on one side or the other... then my nurse came in to give me some medicine cause my blood pressure was dropping and they needed it up! At about 1am or 1:15am the nurse barged in with needles in each hand.. she said, "Brae we have to do emergency section RIGHT NOW because your blood pressure is dropping and the baby's heart rate is too"... at that moment I looked at my mom and lost it, that is the very last thing a girl wants to hear! My mom said she looked up, thinking she saw 38 (found out later it might of been 68) was Kase's heart rate, and she's preparing my thighs.... a shot in each one... our nurse, along with 2 others started pulling plugs out the wall, giving me oxygen, running around doing all they needed to do and out the door.... Me in bed with nurses pushing... she turned towards my family and said FOLLOW US!!! As we are heading to the c section area, my mom on phone calling family! FINALLY she got in touch with Abbi (my older sister), told her and she notified everyone else! All Joey, My Mom, and My granny kept hearing was a ringing bell that sounded like code blue but was actually the bed alarm! We were all totally losing it at this point!! My mom remembers seeing Dr. Milek arrive in less than 5 minutes but she could not tell you their conversation...maybe like, He didn't know what happened but they will be alright! (We were all a basket case!) She said he rushed in! Once I was in the section room (ALONE, all of my family had to stay in the hall), the nurse ripped off the contraction monitor and was moving the heart monitor around to find his heartbeat, she kept shaking her head NO!, I just knew that my worst fear was about to come true! Before I knew it the CNA was telling me they already started and that Kase and I would both be okay. After what seems like eternity, I heard Dr. Milek tell my nurse that he knew she was busy but to please go let my family know that I was okay and the baby is out and his heart rate is finally okay but he doesn't want to take that breath! He didn't breath at first, just a heartbeat, a lil whimper, then nothing! They took him straight to nursery and we couldn't even see him they immediately called Dr. Boudreaux (the pediatrician).

I was sent to my room after for one hr. alone! (recovery) Remember, I was in c section room alone, hearing everything and seeing the looks on their faces, watching as they shook heads side to side, indicating no, he wasn't going to make it! I immediately began to pray!!! While I was in recovery, Milek went to talk to my family. He had no explanation on why or what caused this, he had no clue!!!! Baffled!!! Only thing that MAY have happened, and he would still not know for sure, is that Kase was sitting on the cord or possibly holding it! As soon as he cut me, they pulled Kase out! If they would not have moved fast like they did, Kase and I both would have never made it!!!!! The did not have time to count the instruments nor sterilize them, 2 lives were at risk!! They had to x-ray me after to make sure nothing was left and I was on antibiotics till Tuesday night! Kase was also. He had a ct scan because Dr. Boudreaux was confused that things weren't adding up and she wanted it for precaution. ALL test looked normal and wonderful!!! Again, no explanation but by the grace of GOD and our angels GIGI and MEAG, Kase and myself are HOME and HEALTHY!!!

( I was not able to see (only in pic) or hold my precious baby boy until Monday morning around 9-9:30am! It was by far the hardest, roughest, scariest thing I have ever had to go through! But for my sweet miracle, it was all worth it!)

Kase Andrew Prejean, born Monday July 2, 2012 at 1:46am 8lbs, 21 in. long!!!!!!!