Thursday, January 5, 2012

To Our Sweet P!

To Our Dearest Sweet P,

If only you knew how long Mommy & Daddy prayed for you. After we got married we knew we wanted to be parents but we weren't sure when the right time was and we prayed and prayed that God would bring you to us when it was the right time. And Oh, how I couldn't imagine a better time! You have already brought Mommy & Daddy and both sides of your families so much joy! 
I am honored to tell you that your Daddy is an incredible man! You will be blessed with such an amazing man to look up to and to wrap around your little finger! Daddy is a VERY hard working man!! Daddy works in all kinds of weather ( in the freezing winter, in the sweating summer, and even during the rain! ) and he doesn't even complain about it (well maybe sometimes he does) he does it to be able to give US all that we want!r
Your Mammie&Poppie and your MawMaw&PawPaw and your Gammie&PopPop, they are amazing people and I can promise you each of them already love you so much already! You will def be one spoiled baby! You have so much to look forward to with these amazing sets of grandparents! I just know that they will be as amazing grandparents to you, as they are to your big cousins! They were all so excited to find out about you and now they are all anxiously awaiting your due date!
I am also very pleased to say that you will have the most amazing set of God parent's that a child could have!
Mommy & Daddy couldn't imagine asking anyone else to be your God parents, after all, they are the two people we have looked up to since we were younger, they are the two people we pray to be at least half of the parent they are, your Nannie (Abbi) and your Paran (Jared) couldn't be happier to have you as a part of their life to!
Oh, and your big cousins, My poor baby, maybe Mommy should warn you!
Your big cousins are looking so forward to you! Seeing their faces when your Nannie & Paran told them that I had a baby in my belly was the greatest feeling in the world! (: Seeing how many people are happy and excited and how many people already love you just warms Mommy's heart! 
Speaking of a warm heart, You Gigi and your 2nd cousin Meagan, 
I promise you, Mommy will tell you all about them! You will not go one without hearing about them!
You WILL know them almost as if they were still here with us! 
I know they are taking care of you and your cousin Maleah right now but when you get here, I will tell you even more about them! As well as everyone else in our family, this is my first promise to you.
I promise, you WILL know your GiGi and Meag! (And I just know your big cousins Zaide and Raya will help everyone tell you about them!) 
My wish as a Mommy is to teach you all about God, I promise to raise you from the very start.
Since he gave us you as a gift, I will give you the gift of growing up to know him, he is an amazing person!
You are here because of him and by the time you are able to read this, you will already know ALL about him! (:

My sweet baby, NEVER EVER give up hope, with God, all things are possible and I already know,
you WILL do GREAT things because God, GiGi, and Meag already have their hands on you!
They are taking care of you while Mommy & Daddy prepare for you!
Please, don't live your life in fear, please know that if EVER you need, 
Mommy & Daddy will ALWAYS be here and if you don't want to talk to us about it, God is ALWAYS listening, just talk to him and he will respond, it wont be by him talking back but he is ALWAYS listening.
Another thing, Forgive & Forget, don't ever hold grudges (please don't be like mommy with this) Mommy has had a hard time of not holding grudges but since I have welcomed God into my life I have found it much easier to Forgive & Forget and I pray that you can do it too! Always Always Always Pray! And please, don't you ever ever ever forget why you are here! 

Always know, Mommy & Daddy love you with all of their heart and all of their soul!
You are the GREATEST gift and the GREATEST thing that has ever happened to us! 

We will love you FOREVER, like you for ALWAYS,
as long as your living,



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